Personal story from patient, Sarah Cole

My stomach turns, my palms get sweaty and I try not to panic. No this isn't some state of emergency occurring. This is my reaction when I realize it's time to go to the dentist.

Many people neglect proper dental hygiene simply from the common fear of going to the dentist. It's quite possibly one of the most common phobias among Americans. For that very reason my Smiles Delivered NYC was created.

Smiles Delivered NYC was founded by Diana Ji RDH and Dr. Frank DiCicco DDS to ensure extraordinary and professional dental care in the comfort of your own home, office, friend's apartment or really anywhere you may venture to find yourself. Literally, anywhere.

Despite hating having my teeth cleaned, I booked them to come to my apartment and take a look at my pearly whites.

I woke up only minutes before they arrived. A bit groggy and slightly hungover from the night before, I opened the door to my tiny Lower East Side five story walk up (which yes, they did walk up with their equipment - a standard suitcase) apartment. Quickly and easily, they had set up their office in my living room, asking me to lay down on my futon. The prep was was efficient and within minutes Dr. DiCicco began to examine my teeth. 

He consulted on what exactly she was going to do and how long the process would take (roughly 2 hours, give or take). We decided that a thorough cleaning and whitening treatment was best suited for me that day. 

Having never had my teeth whitened, I was unsure of what to expect. However, the hygienist, Diana, explained to me what to expect and in a way that was without confusing dental jargon my normal dentist may have thrown at me. After that, Diana began my cleaning. 

I thought at first it would be awkward having my teeth cleaned while laying in my living room but the entire process was seamless and natural. My anxieties of having my teeth cleaned and whitened instantly vanished. I laughed as I tried to comment and chat with Diana, only able to make gargling noises. While waiting during the whitening process Diana played music and told knock knock jokes, ,which brought some sense of humor to my appointment.

During the entire experience I kept thinking how awesome it was I was able to experience this and just how remarkable it is to be able to have such a procedure done in the comfort of my own home. I don't think I can ever step foot into a dentist's office without thinking of how much better I'd feel if I were laying on my futon in my small apartment.

Smiles Delivered NYC is a innovated and unique experience that makes something many people fear, into a positive and healthy experience.